Creative arts are an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Artistic activities divert the mind and raise the mood – leading to emotional contentment and physical relaxation

The creative process is in itself therapeutic – promoting self confidence and self worth.

Working in small groups provides a safe environment for learning to give and receive praise or criticism.

And for the sharing of ideas, feelings and personal concerns.

Being with others means more opportunity for developing friendships and improving social skills.

Bringing finished work home allows people to give something back to family or friends, to have a contributing role.

Creative arts groups provide extra opportunities for anyone with special needs.

Art is a way of transforming life and transcending a limited view of self.

Creative thinking and doing can be a helpful way of breaking out of old habits and outdated beliefs.

Innate individuality surfaces when given the space and freedom to explore.

Therapy is doing something different – experimenting with new possibilities for change.