Mission, creativity…………

Adventures in creativity helps develop the psychological wellbeing and the creative/innovative potential of individuals and organizations, this often includes the family and community.

The process that we embark on when creating can be accidental, a chance happening that can make you see and think differently. Using techniques, deliberate creative thinking can develop new thoughts, ideas and processes.

Ongoing investigation, play, experimentation, innovation, questioning and analysis helps develop awareness through doing. The freedom to explore and express promotes opportunities to share ideas and concerns.

When individuals participate and involve themselves in the creative process consciously or unconsciously, change and growth occurs.

Historically and presently every society and individual displays some form of behaviour that can be called "Art" and in most societies other then our own, "Art" plays an important part in social life. Art can be about making, but equally involves ideas, thinking, discussion and conversations.

Creativity can be described as a fundamental necessity of human existence, artwork can reflect the character, identity, personality, individuality and uniqueness of a person and often portrays the way people think and feel about themselves and can reflect their relationship to the world. (Visualization, actualization, realization).

The urge or impulse to bring into existence something new is innate as is the need to make special.

Art has other claims;

  • Art is the product of conscience intent
  • Art is the product of unconscious intent
  • Art communicates feelings and thoughts, an expression.
  • Art is self-rewarding
  • Art tends to unite dissimilar things
  • Art is concerned with change, variety, familiarity, surprise, tension and release
  • Brings order from disorder,
  • Art creates illusions
  • Art uses tactile, sensuous materials
  • Art exhibits skill
  • Art conveys meaning
  • Art conveys a sense of unity or wholeness
  • Art is immediate, pleasurable, symbolic, and imaginative
  • Art is concerned with expression and communication.
  • Art is choice, deals with taste, aesthetics
  • Art reveals immanent truth
  • Makes concrete an ideal or meta-reality
  • Presents reality
  • Constructs and destroys
  • Creates a blissful fantasy
  • Confronts and resolves private contradictions and conflicts
  • Revives lost time and repressed childhood beliefs
  • Promotes self knowledge
  • Delineates ethical norms and religious modes of acting
  • Presents values
  • Enunciates social rules and reveals eternal laws
  • Art is evolutionary, revolutionary
  • Systems and context, ethical, religious, political and social affect Art,
  • Art is playful, fun experimental, innovative and inventive.
  • Art is doing process, ontological
  • The process of art suspends time and space
  • Art reveals meaning, significance, and substance
  • Art is emotional
  • Art reflects myth and ritual
  • Art is developmental
  • Art process is experiential
  • Art can be misleading, misrepresent, allude, hide, confuse and misdirect
  • Art is subjective



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