Creative and Therapeutic Arts

Working with young people, adults and families to improve confidence, relationships and social skills. Emotional or behavioural disorders, learning difficulties, physical or sensory disability and mental health problems.

Creative and Therapeutic Arts sessions are run by Jeff Walker BA (Hons) Arts Tutor:
I work at the studio as an Arts Tutor with a special interest in both the creative and therapeutic processes. The referrals that I receive mainly relate to requests for help in connection with a variety of psychological and behavioural problems in teenagers, who often experience emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties, and who often refuse to see people formally labelled as health, social or educational professionals, therapists and counsellors.

The work I do explicitly involves the use of art and design approaches, however implicit to my work is engagement and trust geared to working through emotionally damaging experiences. I use art activities together with conversational and listening approaches.
All of this work is supervised by Dr Alexander Burnfield FRCPsych, who ensures that the therapeutic potential is maximised and that my relationship with clients is safe and bounded.

The main benefit of referring abused teenagers is that they do not feel labelled as disturbed or mentally ill but instead can develop a trusting relationship while participating in a creative activity. The work becomes therapeutic but they see themselves as mainly attending in order to fulfil artistic and creative needs.
It is essential that the arts tutor/client relationship is respected in the same way as a doctor/patient or counsellor/client relationships. Any problems that arise are discussed with the supervisor and the referrers kept fully informed.
The ultimate aim is to help children, teenagers and adults to gain confidence, improve relationships and social skills and increase their self respect so that they can once more find a place in their community.

Jeff Walker is presently working with the Youth Research Forum in London.  See Brochure for more information.

Price by negotiation.

“An artist is not a special kind of person; every person is a special kind of artist” Ananda Coomaraswamy


Personal and Family Psychotherapy.

Life choices, stress management, personal relationship issues

Dr Alexander (Sandy) Burnfield FRCPsych has now retired from his work as a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. However Sandy is available for exploratative and therapeutic conversation, mentoring and supervision on a non medical basis. He sees children, adults and families, as well as working with Health, Social and Educational professionals.

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Jeff Walker is also available on an individual basis for professional advice and supervision of your creative and therapeutic arts projects. These can be both individually tailored or group orientated. Enquiries from Education depts, schools, Social Services, Healthcare and Private care organisatons are welcome. He and Sandy jointly facilitate group sessions at the CornLoft when staff wish to focus on psychotherapeutic issues. Individuals and groups. Please email me for further details,