Staff development – Adventures in Creativity

The main aim for these days is fun and to help develop the creative innovative potential of individuals and organizations. We offer day workshops for small groups of staff 10 – 12 people. Between 9.00 and 5.00. The day workshops include a variety of group/individual activities using painting, drawing and
pottery, these days are fun and relaxing and tailored to suit your needs.

Telephone 07714 182071 to arrange a day.

Bookings for lunch can be arranged to suit your requirements.
Specialists can be booked for group discussions to provide the opportunity to engage in a range of topics related to the groups working environment. Specialist advice and consultation can be additionally provided. If you need to book accommodation there are several hotels and restaurants in close vicinity of the studio in Stockbridge. The Grosvenor Hotel, Three Cups Inn, The Greyhound and The White Hart, to name a few.

Creativity is the tool for business